The finance industry does a great job of catering to the top 1%, who have access to the best guidance that money can buy. The remaining 99%? We need to figure things out for ourselves. For those of us who can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars in fees every year, we’re simply not interesting to a bank or investment firm.

At the same time that the finance industry has stuck stubbornly to the same old ways, the rest of the world has changed. In particular, the sharing economy has transformed many industries, from transportation to hotels to domestic tasks. It’s time to transform finance by making financial savvy accessible and affordable for all.

By curating mentors with deep expertise in finance and connecting them to clients like you, Zavvy unleashes the power of knowledge and learning to give you control over your financial future. We cover the whole spectrum of personal finance. Here are some of the sample areas in which Zavvy can help:

  • How does the tax overhaul in the US affect you?
  • How do you start investing your savings so that your wealth increases over time?
  • How do you reduce your debts and boost your credit score?

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