What is Zavvy about?

You’ve probably invested a lot in your education and career already in terms of time and money. But have you learned how to build, grow and protect your wealth so that you can attain financial freedom? Probably not: Money is the leading cause of stress for Americans, with 64 percent of people in the US feeling considerable anxiety about their finances. This includes people young and old, as well as singles and couples. But It doesn’t have to be this way. Zavvy is a knowledge platform where our coaches are experienced pros who will help you to build your financial savvy. Take charge of your financial future and get back to sleeping easy.


What’s different here?

Transparent pricing: No black box with hidden fees and surprise charges. Our by-the-hour pricing is different from the traditional investment model where fees are charged on the basis of the size of your account. The traditional model means that, unless you are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, most banks and brokers will not be interested.

Unbiased guidance: when you talk to someone at a bank or investment firm, they have an agenda: to sell you on their firm’s products or services. At Zavvy, our coaches are not trying to sell you on anything. They are offering unbiased guidance based on their expertise in finance.

Real-life experience: Our pros walk the talk. For example, our real estate coaches have experience buying and selling property, while our investing coaches have usually been in the industry for many years. Zavvy offers practical know-how.


Do I really need this?

It depends. Do you think there is room for improvement in your financial situation? This may involve increasing your income, saving more, investing better, and planning for an awesome retirement. If any of these are relevant to you, then invest in yourself by talking to a coach through Zavvy.


Will Zavvy manage my money for me?

No. As the ancient proverb says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Zavvy won’t save or invest your money for you. What we will do is equip you to do it yourself so that you are empowered to take charge of your financial future.


What will it cost me?

Coaches charge on an hourly basis. The rate is listed in the profile of each coach, and rates are set by each coach. You can book sessions of varying lengths. Out of the hourly rate, 75% goes to the coach while Zavvy keeps 25%. 


What if I don’t like my session?

Tell us how we can improve. We would love to do better next time. And if you really didn’t get anything out of your session, then email us at hello@bezavvy.com within two days and we will return your money. We believe in happy clients. 


Is this where I get the latest stock tips?

Nope. Our coaches do not make investment recommendations. Rather, they can show you how to research investments so that you build your financial savvy.


How are coaches selected?

We curate our coaches on the basis of real-life finance experience, interpersonal skills, and willingness to help others. Given how wide the field of personal finance is, our coaches vary significantly in their backgrounds and are collectively well equipped to handle the whole spectrum of financial knowledge.


What if I follow my coach’s advice and things go poorly?

The suggestions and perspective provided by coaches are their own and do not reflect any viewpoint of Zavvy. While we curate our coaches with care, we cannot guarantee that everything they say will be correct. If in doubt, we suggest talking to another coach so that you have at least two perspectives, and also consulting other sources of information.


How do I know that my coach is legit?

You can read about each coach’s background and expertise in the profile section. Also, customer reviews on Zavvy are part of the transparency that clients deserve but rarely get in traditional finance. All clients are encouraged to write a candid review on their coach interaction after each booking. All reviews—positive and negative—will be visible to prospective clients.


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