How to buy a house & invest in real estate

How to buy a house & invest in real estate

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I have been in finance since 2006. As an SEC-registered investment advisor, I have experience helping clients with various aspects of financial planning & management (investing, cash flow management, estate planning, insurance, fiduciary services, and general finance). Real estate is my passion, and I have been buying and selling properties in the Bay area since 2007. I also worked in real estate as a strategist at Adelante Capital.

I currently work for a financial technology company focused on boosting retirement savings and closing the retirement gap in America. This gives me unique insight when helping clients with retirement planning. As a member of the investment committee for the fintech company, I uphold the fiduciary responsibilities as an advisor to clients.


BA, University of California at Berkeley;  Series 65 (active); Pursuing C(k)P (certified 401K professional) with estimated completion in May 2018

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